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Interior & Exterior Railing and Stairway Painting

Handrails and Stairs, especially those in high-use environment, can get a worn-out look from all of the foot traffic, tracked in salt & debris and even the oil from many hands. For hand railings and stairs that are exposed to the outdoor weather, the paint can fail more quickly. Dublin Electrostatic Painting uses the electrostatic painting technique to efficiently cover metal surfaces, including handrails, stairs and railings.

Since 2005, our quality, timely work and reputation has made us the premier choice for commercial electrostatic painting companies of many Columbus business owners, schools & universities and property managers.

How can Electrostatic Painting Help?

Painting metal stairs and railings can be an arduous task and one that is not easily accomplished, even by professional painting companies.  When you’re working with thin metal rod on commercial railings, by the time you are done painting one side, the paint has dried and leaves transition marks when you switch to the other side.  In addition, you have to be concerned with overspray and drifted paint.  With metal stairs, you are battling with gravity and hard to reach areas, which can leave drip marks from overspray or uneven coating.

Electrostatic painting is a great method of painting stairs and railings because the process actually wraps the paint around the surface like a magnet, reducing waste and producing extraordinary adhesion; resulting in a more uniform, durable, mirror-like finish which will stand the test of time.  The project is usually dry within an hour and any odor dissipates within 4-6 hours.

Dublin Electrostatic Painting uses the latest, state-of-the art equipment from Ransburg and the highest quality coatings from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.  In addition, our commercial painting crews work day, evening and weekend shifts to minimize any disruption to your business, school, church or municipal building.

if it's metal, odds are we can paint it.
We Paint:

  • Aluminum, Steel, Galvanized or Iron Stairs
  • Aluminum, Steel, Galvanized & Iron Railings
  • Catwalks, Mezzanines
  • Pipe Bollards/Safety Guardrails
  • Bathroom Partitions
  • Metal Doors & Frames
  • Industrial machinery
  • & More – Just Ask!!

Some of our Amazing Work

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