Fence & Gates

Metal Fence & Gate Painting in Columbus, OH

Painting a metal fence or gate can be an arduous task and one that is not easily accomplished, even by the most seasoned weekend warriors.  When you’re working with metal rod or chain link fence, by the time you are done painting one side, the paint has dried and leaves transition marks when you switch to the other side.  In addition, you have to be concerned with overspray and drifted paint.

Electrostatic painting is a great method of painting fences, gates and railings because the process actually wraps the paint around the surface like a magnet, producing a more uniform, durable, mirror-like finish which will stand the test of time.

if it's metal, odds are we can paint it.
We Paint:

  • Aluminum, Steel, Galvanized & Wrought Iron Fence
  • Aluminum, Steel, Galvanized & Wrought Iron Gates
  • Chain Link Fence
  • Balcony Railings
  • Dog Kennels
  • Metal Deck Railings & Balusters
  • Garden Fence
  • Interior Railings

Some of our Amazing Work

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