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Outdoor Patio Furniture Painting in Columbus, OH

Outdoor Metal Patio Furniture Painting Columbus Ohio

Achieve a Perfect finish with Electrostatic Painting

When  painting outdoor metal furniture, getting an even coat can be a daunting task, even for a professional.  Individual pieces like patio chairs, chaise lounges and tables are often over-sprayed.  Ohio weather and general wear and tear can degrade your outdoor patio furniture’s appearance over time.  Anything outdoors will rust and unless you have the tools, equipment and time to invest in proper prep work, you may be better off calling the professional painters at Dublin Electrostatic.  

Proper Prep Work and Attention To Detail

We use electrostatic coating, which creates an attraction that actually wraps the paint around the surface, making it easier to cover hard-to-reach areas and produces a durable, even finish that will last for years.  This process also creates very little over-spray and uses 95% of the paint and there is no fog or mist to contaminate surrounding areas.

In addition, unlike other methods of painting like powder coating, electrostatic painting doesn’t require curing and drying in an offsite oven.  Electrostatic painting can be done at your home and dry within a day.   We perform impeccable prep-work on your outdoor furniture before each paint project, removing dirt, mildew, rust or chipped paint.  If your patio furniture is badly worn or rusted, we may recommend refinishing it at our shop, where we have access to sand-blasting equipment and other equipment, that will help us ensure your furniture has the best paint coverage and adhesion.

Commercial Painting in Columbus Ohio

if it's metal, odds are we can paint it.
We Paint:

  • Aluminum, Steel, & Wrought Iron Tables
  • Aluminum, Steel & Wrought Iron Chairs
  • Metal Chaise Lounges
  • Metal End Tables
  • Patio Planters
  • Metal Serving Carts
  • Outdoor Benches
  • Umbrella Stands
  • * Sometimes Wicker Furniture
  • & More!

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