Bathroom Partitions

Bathroom Partition Painting in Columbus, OH

From high schools to hotels, from office buildings to retail stores, a variety of Columbus, OH buildings need their bathroom partitions painted from time to time. There is no question that the best method for painting bathroom partitions is electrostatic spray painting.

Electrostatic painting works similarly to the laws of physics we recognize when static electricity makes a balloon stick to a wall. An extremely durable finish is made through the strong bond created when the positively charged ions in the paint are attracted to a negatively charged surface to be painted.

Dublin Electrostatic Painting will ensure this advanced process is performed with complete satisfaction. Professional care will be taken in preparing the surfaces, covering non-painted areas, coating the surface, finishing, and clean-up.  We also have both day and night shifts, so we can perform your bathroom partition painting at a time that is convenient for you with little to no disruption to your business.


  • The new coat of paint is smooth, durable and mirror like, just like a factory finish; it looks like a brand new partition.
  •  95% efficiency.  Very little overspray or drift, so there is little waste and no mess.
  •  We can match the colors of your current bathroom partitions, or we can match any other color you want to change them to.
  •  Electrostatic painting is one of the most cost-effective ways to paint your bathroom partitions.
  •  Rust and graffiti can be removed and covered, making your partition look new again.
  •  Dries quickly and little VOC’s.  Smells usually dissipate within 4-6 hours.

Since 2005, business owners and property managers have trusted Dublin Electrostatic Painting to handle all of their interior and exterior metal surface painting needs.  

if it's metal, odds are we can paint it.
We Paint:

  • Bathroom Partitions
  • Bathroom Lockers
  • Doors & Door Frames
  • Bleachers
  • Office Equipment
  • Radiator Covers
  • Railings & Stairwells
  • & More – Just Ask!!

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